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Thanks Ion-Mihai,

Well that is the problem. I cannot find any problems other than when I try to open an http: on the box, or on one of the other computers on the network, it fails and has the network error:

Making HTTP connection to
Sending HTTP request
HTTP request sent; waiting for response.
Alert! Unexpected network read error; connection aborted.
Can't Access ''
Alert! Unable to access document.

I can ping all machines and do a traceroute without problem. The server is online and working I just cannot seem to figure out why I cannot use http on the box and suspect that is the same reason the other computers on the network cannot access any of the sites on the FreeBSD machine without causing a freeze up.

OK, so it seems it isn't a basic networking issue, but rather a problem talking to your Web server running on your FBsd box. You mentioned some kind of firewall. The 'unexpected network error' could be due to a firewall, OR to not having any web server running on your box.

1- Is your web server process running?
  Assuming you are using apache from the ports collection, what does
apachectl status

show you (run in your FreeBSD server) ?

2- If it's a firewall, then you should open incoming TCP traffic to port 80 (and 443 if you plan to serve HTTPS).
You could post here the contents of (if they exist) to help us help you:
- /etc/rc.conf
- /etc/ipf.rules
- /etc/ipnat.rules
- if you have a line reading "firewall_type=/path/to/file", please also include that file

( of course, feel free to replace your public IP with something else to protect your privacy)

3- you could have tcpwrappers setup , blocking tcp traffic - I don't know from the top of my head how to check for this --someone else may want to.

4- a strange setup, you may have apache running from your inetd, and have either inetd not setup to serve it properly OR actively blocking (tcp wrappers again)

Do I need to add all the websites to the hosts file? Or the static IP of the box,

if you have dns setup, u shouldn't need hosts file. Do you have DNS setup and working? can you ping your server by name rather than by IP only?

Just cannot seem to find what affects this problem.

too many things i'd say ;-)

Cheers from Sydney,
Norberto Meijome | freebsd at meijome dot net
                             | numard at meijome dot net

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