On Sat, 22 May 2004, chip wrote:
> So, now I am trying to run -
> crontab crontab
> in my non-root user directory, as the non-root user, and it fails with this-
> "crontab: crontab: No such file or directory"
> I tried -
> crontab -u chip crontab -e    (with and without the -e)
> also and it failed with the same message. So I then su'd and tried again
> and got the same message again. The I tried -
> /etc/crontab -u chip crontab          (with and without the -e)
> and get permission denied, as root.

1. Using the information in crontab(5), write a file containing your cron
jobs in your favorite text editor.

2. run 'crontab {filename}' to install the cron.

3. run 'crontab -l' to verify that cron has installed your file.

David Fleck

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