Hi again

It turned out to be a public mail server as well! The choice for the MTA
on fell on postfix :) Now I have to chose POP/IMAP and Virus/Spam.

I would appreciate if you can give me some input on your experience with
Cyrus or Courier, since they are my choices for pop/imap. Also I'd like
some suggestions on what to use for virus/spam protection, and how they
are implemented in postfix?

My first mail on the subject from 2004-06-01:

I have some trouble choosing between "postfix" and "qmail" for the new
corporate mail server I'll be making. I'm looking for the one with least
administrative overhead (since I run a one man show) and security is a
big issue. Also, I'm looking for some guidance (choices) for POP, IMAP
and webMail interface as well as Virus and SPAM (preferably free)

Another issue is the FreeBSD version. Should I stay with the 4.x-STABLE
or should I go with the 5.x. If I set up a 5.2-Release, will the upgrade
to 5.3-STABLE be enough, or is there a possibility that I will have to
reformat and do a clean 5.3 install.

10x ahead

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