It turned out to be a public mail server as well! The choice for the MTA
on fell on postfix :) Now I have to chose POP/IMAP and Virus/Spam.

I would appreciate if you can give me some input on your experience with
Cyrus or Courier, since they are my choices for pop/imap. Also I'd like

I've been using cyrus for couple of years now and it's quite robust & fast. In addition it merges nicely with postfix, so there are no problems on that front either. The biggest drawback with Cyrus is the learning curve - The documentation is a bit lacking, but the mailinglists help there. ( I have to admit that when choosing my IMAP-server back then the license was one of the main factors...)

In addition many of the webmail systems like Squirrel or Horde work nicely on Cyrus.


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