On Mon, 2004-06-21 at 02:59, Lloyd Hayes wrote:
> >Linux is for people who hate Micro$oft.
> >BSD is for people who love Unix.
> Under these conditions, I guess that I need to go for Linux...

I'f you're going to go with Linux then I'd recommend Mandrake.  Many
people would also recommend Suse as well but I never personally used
that so I can't vouch for it but you many want to give that a whirl. 
I'd stay away from Fedora though, I don't think it's meant for anyone
besides those willing to work on it when they find problems.

Mandrake has the Community Download edition available about a month I
think before the pay CD release.  It's a way for all the early adopters
to leach, find bugs, and kvetch before the people paying Mandrakesoft's
bills get their version. :)  Wait two weeks or so after the release for
the errata to flow in then install and run their update utility. 
Mandrake served me well for a number of years until I felt I needed
something different which is why I am here.  It's still the distribution
I'd recommend to anyone who doesn't feel like bothering with all the


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