Iain Dooley wrote:

I am running FreeBSD-STABLE (4.10) and have been using ports/pkg_add/portupgrade/cvsup to stay current with most programs. however there are two things that i'm having trouble with, and i'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction:

1) i received a small patch for Kate (K Advanced Text Editor) from one of the developers, how can i compile this new code into the binary?

You could run make extract from whichever kde* port Kate is installed from (kdebase, I think), cd into the work directory, apply the patch, and then run make install clean as normal. It should work if the patch applies cleanly.

I think you can also put the patch in the files directory (in the port's dir), and give it the right naming convention and the ports magic will apply it. See the Porters Handbook for more info.

It would be cool if there was an easy way to apply a local hack to a port auto-magicaly.

2) this question may be answered by any information provided in answer to my first question, but how can i upgrade specific components of KDE (such as Kate) without upgrading the entire KDE installation (which takes a couple of days)

<shrug>, Wish I knew. It would be nice if KDE packaged stuff in smaller chunks than they do, but....

and lastly, a quality of life question:

3) Is it safe to do a portupgrade of KDE whilst KDE is still running?

I've had mixed results doing this, usually it works fine, but sometimes I've gotten anything from random crashy baddness to weird configuration glitches. I've taken to either killing X and upgrading KDE or changing .xinitrc to start FVWM and rebuild KDE. I usually go with killing X if I know the portupgrade -R is going to end up rebuilding X with everything else. It'll *probably* work fine without being paranoid, but why tempt fate?

thanks very much,

Iain Dooley

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