On Mon, Jun 28, 2004 at 11:16:16AM -0400,
 Robert Huff probably wrote:
> Sergey Zaharchenko writes:
> >  Just a minute. You shouldn't portupgrade KDE when KDE is running,
> >  but you should be able to run `make' to build everything while
> >  KDE is running, shut down KDE and `portupgrade -w' afterwards
> >  (which will use the binaries built by `make' and install them,
> >  taking seriously less time than the original `make') and restart
> >  KDE. At least that's how it would with an ordinary port.
>       One of the two of us is confused about this.
>       As I understand it:

>       A) Running "make build" but not "make install" doesn't really
> solve the "installing while running" issue.  Sure, it won't install
> for that port, but it will build-and-install for every port upstream
> ...

I see. You are talking abiout ABI mismatch. I dug up a portion of your
earlier post:

>       Let's say KDE uses libfoo.1.5.so, which is actually v1.5.7.
> You upgrade something, which upgrades libfoo.1.5.so to v1.5.8.  The
> kernel (unaware of the change) reloads part of the file and restarts
> execution at a particular address.  Will that address valid code?

When a file is open by a process, even if you unlink it and replace it
with another one, the original file will stay on disk until the last
file handle referencing it is closed. I assume that holds true for
libraries too. So, EXISTING processes aren't screwed. But, when a NEW
process is created, it references the NEW shared library, and if their
ABI's don't match --- BOOM!:) That was just a correction.

I was under the impression that the OP already had KDE (and thus all
`father' ports) installed and up-to-date, and only wanted to patch a
file. That would mean there would be 0 upstream ports rebuilt, or am I
mistaken? Maybe my post looks like stating it's a universal approach. It
isn't. Sorry I didn't mention it.

But if the OP doesn't have KDE up-to-date, he could `downgrade' his
ports tree to match his packages (reducing the problem to the previous
one). Of course that's only possible if the patch applies to the
`downgraded' KDE too. He will still have to build (not-up-to-date) KDE,
but this should escape ABI worries, as in fact no other changes will be

>       B) ... unless you're suggesting starting at the top of the
> dependency tree and doing build-but-don't-install by hand for every
> component in order.  I consider this severely impractical; it also ...

The ABI problem isn't solved by your B) approach, which will only build
`father' ports but still install `grandfather' ports.

>       C) ... won't work with portupgrade unless one uses the "w" option.

Please read more carefully. I mentioned '-w'.

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