I'm having some really weird problems with ftp performance on FreeBSD 4.10
that I just can't seem to figure out.

My uplink here maxes out at about 35k/sec.  If I scp to the machine in question
I get about 30k/sec (which is expected) but when I ftp, I never get anything
better than 15k/sec, and occasionally as low as 8k/sec.

Using a server colocated at another facility, I can ftp at about 45k/sec, and
scp at about 60k/sec.

Downloads are all as expected ... scp and ftp downloads seem to be in about
the same range, and it's a number I would expect.

I tried running the ftp daemon that ships with FreeBSD, as well as Proftpd and
they both exhibit the same performance issues.

Most settings on this machine are at their defaults.  I've tried tweaking
send/recv sizes, as well as toggling delayed_ack.  None of these have
made any difference so far.

Suggestions?  Is anyone else seeing this?

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies
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