On Jun 29, 2004, at 3:38 PM, Bill Moran wrote:
Charles Swiger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I haven't seen any signs of such problems with 4.10. Given that you've
reproduced this using different FTP servers, it seems more likely to be
a network issue or some hardware glitch (cables? flaky NIC?) than a
software issue.

I hadn't even considered hardware, becuase scp is always as fast as I would expect. I wouldn't suspect a NIC or HDD, unless the problem was consistent with _all_ file transfers, and it's not. The performance issue only occurs with FTP. If I'm wrong on this, I'd be happy to hear about it, though.

You're not wrong, and I don't see anything obviously wrong, so I'm reaching for possibilities to check. :-)

Can you reproduce by moving ftp to a different port #?  (Perhaps some
quality-of-service thingy is providing different bandwidth by port...)

I haven't tried that, but I forgot to mention that a Debian box located
right next to the problem box (on the same network) gets speeds equal
to what would be expected. To me, that ruled out QOS, routing and other
beyond-my-control Internet problems. Again, I'm happy to be corrected
if there's something here I'm not aware of.

Well, that does tend to rule out a bunch of issues. Have you tried changing the MTU of the FreeBSD box down to 1400 or so (or even 512), just to see whether that does anything?

This is just a snippet ... but it looks like an awful lot of retransmits
and duplicates to me. I hadn't looked at this before, is this indicative
of any particular problem?

You're seeing ~1% or less retransmits, that's pretty normal.


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