Jerry Schromm wrote:

Hi everyone, I am not sure how this works or if I will ever get feedback. Anyway I just discovered FreeBSD yesterday. I read all about it and I am excited to intrigue myself with this new pc adventure. Sounds great and I will learn something about code at the same time. I feel it had a kind of old school feeling to it, at the same time cutting edge technology. I am a believer in it's viability over Microsofts Windows. They love to hide information from us not inform us.

The reason I am writing. I downloaded the 5.2.1 IS0's. I burned the boot disk successfully it seems. But I tried to burn the first big ISO file and it failed to burn. Some type of burn error following the track or something. Then I tried that other download that isn't the ISO but the regular files. That wouldn't do anything either. It burned but I can't instal it. That doesn't boot. Or install in anyway.

I am wondering if FreeBSD is actually free or is this a way to get us to order the 
retail box lol. I don't want to feel that way. Yestersay I was so excited about this. 
I hope you can enlighten me some.

Thanks a lot,
Jerry Schromm
Corning, California

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Yes, it really is free!  Something must have gone wrong when you
downloaded the ISO image - I and many others have been able to
burn a bootable CD, using either FreeBSD, Linux or one of the
proprietary packages operating under Windows.  There is usually
an option for creating a CD from a CD image; this is the one to

If you buy the CD set, you get 4 CDs with a large collection of
packages, and have the convenience of having them there.  But
you can get everything at no charge from if
you prefer.

FreeBSD is a great OS - I have been using it as my home desktop
since 1997.

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