On 12 Jul 2004 at 20:25, Bill Moran wrote:

> Jerry Schromm <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > hi Bill thanks for writing.
> > bootonly.iso  ---I burned this one and it seems to be working. I booted up with it
> > but the box with the options only stay for a few seconds. I selected Enter for 
> > default
> > but didn't do anything. Maybe it's something to do with choosing TRACK AT ONCE,
> > or DISC AT ONCE, and there is DISC AT ONCE/96(I just noticed on NERO they have
> > a mode for Boot Discs. I didn't use it for this iso burn. Maybe I should use that 
> > one)
> >  
> > disc1.iso -----I tried to burn this one and it errored. I couldn't burn it on Nero.
I am using NERO6 to burn the ISOs When it starts, select new compilation, then drag 
your ISO to the 'to be burned' column and select 'Recorder->Burn Image..' Then accept 
all defaults.
This is from the Mandrake docs:
Open Nero.
Close the wizard if it is started automatically.
Go to "File"
then to "Burn Image...".
In the next dialog, click on "Image Files (*.nrg)" and select 
"All files
Choose the .iso file and accept.
In the following dialog make sure:
- Type of Image is: Data Mode 1
- Block size: 2048
- Image header: 0
- Image trailer: 0
- All the checkboxes are unactive.
Click "OK". 
In the next dialog check that the "write" and "finalize" option 
are active.
Click on "Write".
It is for an earlier version of NERO, but you will see the same information. Most of 
options have been 'grayed' in NERO6, so you can not change them.
GL and keep at it...

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