> Hi everyone, I am not sure how this works or if I will ever get feedback. Anyway I 
> just discovered FreeBSD yesterday. I read all about it and I am excited to intrigue 
> myself with this new pc adventure. Sounds great and I will learn something about 
> code at the same time. I feel it had a kind of old school feeling to it, at the same 
> time cutting edge technology. I am a believer in it's viability over Microsofts 
> Windows. They love to hide information from us not inform us.
> The reason I am writing. I downloaded the 5.2.1 IS0's. I burned the boot disk 
> successfully it seems. But I tried to burn the first big ISO file and it failed to 
> burn. Some type of burn error following the track or something. Then I tried that 
> other download that isn't the ISO but the regular files. That wouldn't do anything 
> either. It burned but I can't instal it. That doesn't boot. Or install in anyway. 
> I am wondering if FreeBSD is actually free or is this a way to get us to order the 
> retail box lol. I don't want to feel that way. Yestersay I was so excited about 
> this. I hope you can enlighten me some.

Yup it is free.    No scam.

Probably you did something wrong.  I am not familiar with all the
various CD burner software packages, but I have notice two problems
show up the most often.

The first is downloading the ISO image in ASCI mode.  This produces
a corrupt image that won't work.   Make sure you specify binary mode
when you do the ftp.   With command line FTPs, it is just a matter
of typing binary when you are in the ftp session.

The other most popular problem is trying to create a bootable ISO from 
the image.   It is already a bootable ISO image and needs to be burned
straight to the CD without the utility trying to make an ISO or add any
boot blocks or whatever with it.   Just burn the straight data.

You should also tell it to fixate.

This stuff really does work once you get the details right.

Good luck,


> Thanks a lot,
> Jerry Schromm
> Corning, California
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