> Hi everyone, I am not sure how this works or if I will ever get feedback.
> Anyway I just discovered FreeBSD yesterday. I read all about it and I am
> excited to intrigue myself with this new pc adventure. Sounds great and I
> will learn something about code at the same time. I feel it had a kind of
> old school feeling to it, at the same time cutting edge technology. I am a
> believer in it's viability over Microsofts Windows. They love to hide
> information from us not inform us.

Welcome Jerremy to the FreeBSD community. I am taking it on myself as a
fellow new user to say It is a pleasure to meet you and you are in for one
exciting ride. FreeBSD is the greatest Operating System I have ever
experienced (Holly cow I sound like a salesmen). You obviously have the
curiosity to get yourself started.  If you also have the ability to search
for answers in the very abundant FreeBSD resources on the net you will
have a great time.

> The reason I am writing. I downloaded the 5.2.1 IS0's. I burned the boot
> disk successfully it seems. But I tried to burn the first big ISO file and
> it failed to burn. Some type of burn error following the track or
> something. Then I tried that other download that isn't the ISO but the
> regular files. That wouldn't do anything either. It burned but I can't
> instal it. That doesn't boot. Or install in anyway.

I had a problem with 5.2.1 as well about two months ago (I think) I was
using Nero and had a problem burning the disk. So I downloaded the ISO
from another server and then was able to burn fine (Oh and I happened to
switched media as well). Then I started having a problem booting to the
Burned CD. I took the liberty of pulling an old 48X CD drive (I was trying
to use my LiteOn CDRW drive) and was able to boot to the CD. However, I
then experienced some other issues that I think was due to the new ACPI
features in 5X and the fact that my system does not support PS2 or other
legacy devices so I was having a problem disabling the ACPI functionality.
I then made the incredibly wise choice to switch to the 4.X branch and
about 5 days later 4.10 came out. I downloaded 4.10 and installed and have
been having a great time ever since.

Since you are new I would recomend not to follow 5.X until it is in a
-STABLE branch (Perhaps it is and I am just misinformed someone correct me
if I am wrong). Unless you need some of the specific new features then 4.X
is the way to go. That is my humble opinion. I think SMP was added or
updated, and ELF either was added (I read something yesterday that Says
4.X has ELF support so maybe someone could clarify)

The 5.X branch may give you some headaches for a newcomer. Trust me 4.10
is just as cool and incredibly stable. If you are the kind of guy (like I
was until about 30 days ago) who thinks the cutting edge is the better way
to go. Then you will have a great time. The FreeBSD community is always
added greater and greater functionality at the cost of stability at times.
4.10 was release as I said like a month ago or something. It is still very

> I am wondering if FreeBSD is actually free or is this a way to get us to
> order the retail box lol. I don't want to feel that way. Yestersay I was
> so excited about this. I hope you can enlighten me some.

FreeBSD is totally free. Donations are always welcome and I am sure they
are graciously excepted. Personally I recommend that you drop the 30 bucks
and get yourself a FreeBSD book like FreeBSD unleashed. Although you
really do not need it because there is an abundance of information out
there for FreeBSD. The Handbook is the best place to start and it totally
free. It explains so much. I would like to see some more realistic
examples in the handbook but hey, I guess if I want it I ought to update
it and submit it to a committer.

I found www.n0dez.com/freebsd and www.freebsdportal.com were a great place
to find lots of links to FreeBSD sites. FreeBSD is a fabulous OS however
there is no point to have it if you do not do something with it. Once I
had it installed I kind of looked at my screen like what next. So the
links I went to from there led me to the resources I needed to get my
Postfix mail server, Bind 9 DNS server, MySql server, and PHP up and
running. Now I need to look for some info on Mono (Unix .NET equivalent).

Good luck I hope I helped answer any of your questions. I say try
downloading from another FTP server and possibly if you have one another
CD drive.

Joshua Lewis

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