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> I have an old Pentium-MMX 200 Mhz and 40Mb RAM, 1 Gb HD.
> Can you put Windows 2000 on it?
> I don't think so.

MY setup test box is:
Pentium 200Mhz
16MB TNT Graphics Card
Windows 2000 runs rock solid & fast on my 17inch monitor :)

... & 1GIG is more than enough for Windows 2000 with about 600MB to spare

> Did I mention I have no monitor???
> I do not need it, so I do not need a GUI
> Can you live without your Windows 2000 GUI? Can you work without it?

Why would I want to... a GUI makes life easier & makes my ability to do work
more productive :)

> What if some big company ask you to work for them, but they have UNIX
> systems, are you prepared or can you handle that work?

Any OS will take me about 1 week to get up to speed - if its a MS product,
about 2 days :)

> One more thing, my OpenBSD 3.5 costs me $0, FreeBSD price is $0 too.
> Did you spend the same amount of money on your Windows 2000??

Yea 0$ - all my software is War... *cough* ... donated

Kind Regards,


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