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> I was recently contacted by a lawfirm that needs a remote backup
> solution to help bring their insurance rates down.  I've decided to go
> ahead and do this, as their needs are not that great.

Sounds simple enough

> What I'm asking, is how best to setup this situation.  I've never
> played with jails or anything, but I'm not sure if I really need to go
> that far.  I'm considering building a server that has ssh and sftp
> access. The plan is to allow them to upload at their pace, and provide
> next-day DVD/CD copies of their entire directory structure.

Try one of the multitude of rsync based scripts, you can even get some
very good incremental backups happening, and burning DVDs/ dumping to
tape/etc is simple enough top script as well.  Rsync by default works
over ssh so can be very secure.

The had part would be, how do these people want to retrieve the data?

If you are just handing them media once a day, then it's simple, but if
they want to retrieve it remotely as well, then you could be in for some
fun and games.



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