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we are currently developing a small program/service for our customers
exactly for this purpose.

To just backup the data to a remote server is very easy, even on Windows:
Use cygwin. It comes together with rsync and ssh. I recommend you use
rsync since it is the most effective AFAIK and the transfer is safe (not
unimportant to law companies). Then you could run a nightly task to backup
the data.

what is unsafe of rsh for example if network through which is going the traffic is under your control?

ssh is SLOW.

Howso? Using rsync with SSH wrapper allows you to not only alter only files that have been altered but as I understand it rsync will only copy changes within files over to the remote site. SSH can be used to compress the transfer in addition to (of course) encrypting the connection and transfer, and it can be partially automated to allow login without passwords if you save the generated public key...

For the information supplied about what the customer would like done, using the SSH with Rsync may be ideal for low cost and reliable backups to a remote site.


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