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> In the immortal words of "Eric Crist" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>...
> > I was recently contacted by a lawfirm that needs a remote backup
> > solution to help bring their insurance rates down.  I've
> decided to go
> > ahead and do this, as their needs are not that great.
> Sounds simple enough
> > What I'm asking, is how best to setup this situation.  I've never
> > played with jails or anything, but I'm not sure if I really
> need to go
> > that far.  I'm considering building a server that has ssh and sftp
> > access. The plan is to allow them to upload at their pace,
> and provide
> > next-day DVD/CD copies of their entire directory structure.
> Try one of the multitude of rsync based scripts, you can even
> get some very good incremental backups happening, and burning
> DVDs/ dumping to tape/etc is simple enough top script as
> well.  Rsync by default works over ssh so can be very secure.
> The had part would be, how do these people want to retrieve the data?
> If you are just handing them media once a day, then it's
> simple, but if they want to retrieve it remotely as well,
> then you could be in for some fun and games.
> Cheers
> Tim

Thanks for the reply, Tim.  I didn't specify in the OP, but this is from
Windows systems to my freebsd server.  The retrieval method will be a
copy on CD/DVD, at a premium, of course, in the even they have a

Thanks again for all your help.

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