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> >>I am trying to install freebsd 4.9 on my new dell 8400.
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> .......
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> > I believe 4.9 can not use a sata drive as target to install on. 4.9
> > is the old stable release 4.10 is the new stable release. Turn off
> > pnp support and ms/windows support in your pc bios. Your pc is newer
> > than what FreeBSD has added support for. Try installing to a
> > standard ATA HD.
> Sigh! I tried with 4.10 as well and that also fails. Sadly I don't have 
> a spare IDE / drive lying about. I guess I'll have to wait on freebsd or 
> install one of the more advanced Linux OSes

Yah.  We had a site with a SATA and could not install.   Even though it
seemed to see the drive, it could not write to it.   So, that site
took out the controller and put in a SCSI and all is well now.  So,
long live SCSI.


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> Robin Becker
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