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I am trying to install freebsd 4.9 on my new dell 8400.


I believe 4.9 can not use a sata drive as target to install on. 4.9
is the old stable release 4.10 is the new stable release. Turn off
pnp support and ms/windows support in your pc bios. Your pc is newer
than what FreeBSD has added support for. Try installing to a
standard ATA HD.

Sigh! I tried with 4.10 as well and that also fails. Sadly I don't have a spare IDE / drive lying about. I guess I'll have to wait on freebsd or install one of the more advanced Linux OSes

Yah.  We had a site with a SATA and could not install.   Even though it
seemed to see the drive, it could not write to it.   So, that site
took out the controller and put in a SCSI and all is well now.  So,
long live SCSI.


seems that Linux support for the SMART chip sets isn't quite there yet either. I've certainly been able to get knoppix to see my hard disk XP partitions although not perhaps well enough to write them.

Robin Becker

Robin Becker
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