On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 3:58 PM, Lorenzo Perone
<lopez.on.the.li...@yellowspace.net> wrote:
> the result is, when choosing the disk with the zfs boot
> sectors in it (in my case F5, which goes to ad6), the kernel
> is not found. the console shows:
> forth not found
> definitions not found
> only not found
> (the above repeated several times)
> can't load 'kernel'
> and I get thrown to the loader prompt.
> lsdev does not show any ZFS devices.

same here on 7-stable (csupped yesterday)
i've followed the same steps, but i've used gpt as explained in the
first mail. the same exact steps worked perfectly on 8-current in
Alberto Villa <villa.albe...@gmail.com>
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