Okay, that was the main reason for using NFS 4.1.
Is it planned to implement it, or is the focus on pNFS?


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Betreff: Re: NFS 4.1 RECLAIM_COMPLETE FS failed error in combination with ESXi 

Nope, that isn't supported, rick
(Hope no one is too upset by a top post.)

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Subject: RE: NFS 4.1 RECLAIM_COMPLETE FS failed error in combination with ESXi 

Thanks, I am actually compiling with both patches.

I try now to get NFS 4.1 multipathing working. So I have now two connection on 
different subnets between the ESXi host and the FreeBSD host with exports for 
the same mountpoint on both subnets.
Now I get the following errors in the vmkernel.log:
2018-03-05T13:06:07.488Z cpu10:66503)WARNING: NFS41: NFS41_Bug:2361: BUG - 

Is there session trunking available in the FreeBSD NFS41 implementation?


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NAGY Andreas wrote:
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>In the source I saw nfs_async = 0; is it right that NFS will work in async 
>mode if I >compile the kernel with nfs_async = 1?
>I know the risk of running it async, but is it not the same risk having the 
>datastore >connected via iSCSI which standard is also not sync?
If you want to use it, you can just set it by setting the sysctl 
- If the server crashes/reboots you can lose data. Also, after the reboot, the
  client will only see an temporarily unresponsive server and will not have any
  indication of data loss.
  (I am not familiar with iSCSI, so I can't comment on how safe that is.)
- If you are using ZFS, there is also a ZFS config (sync=disabled). I'm not a 
  guy, so I don't know anything more, but I'm sure others reading this list can
  tell you how to set it.
[more stuff snipped]
>So far I did not see any issue with the mount. Only in the vmkernel.log there 
>are >often following entrees:
>WARNING: NFS41: NFS41ValidateDelegation:608: Server returned improper
>>reason for no delegation: 2
The attached patch *might* get rid of these, although I don't think it matters 
much, since it is just complaining about the "reason" the server returns for 
not issuing a delegation (issuing delegations is entirely at the discretion of 
the server and is disabled by default).
[more stuff snipped]
Good luck with it, rick
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