NAGY Andreas wrote:
>Okay, that was the main reason for using NFS 4.1.
>Is it planned to implement it, or is the focus on pNFS?
I took a quick look and implementing this for some cases will be pretty
easy. Binding a FORE channel is implied, so for that case all the server
does is reply OK to the BIND_CONN_TO_SESSION.

To know if the ESXi client case is a simple one, I need to see what the
BIND_CONN_TO_SESSION arguments look like.
If you can capture packets for when this second connection is done and
email it to me as an attachment, I can look at what the BIND_CONN_TO_SESSION 
args are.
# tcpdump -s 0 -w <file.pcap> host <client-host-for-this-connection>
run on the FreeBSD server should get the <file.pcap> I need.

Alternately, if you have wireshark handy, you can just use it to look
for the BIND_CONN_TO_SESSION request and see if it specifies
FORE or FORE_OR_BOTH means it is easy to do and I can probably have
a patch for testing in a day or two.

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