NAGY Andreas wrote:
>Okay, that was the main reason for using NFS 4.1.
>Is it planned to implement it, or is the focus on pNFS?
Do the VMware people claim that this improves performance?
(I know nothing about the world of VMs, but for real hardware
 I can't see any advantage of having more than one TCP connection?
 As far as I know, the Linux client never tries to acquire a second TCP
 connection. I would have assumed trunking would be handled below

This is the first client that I am aware of (and just yesterday when you pointed
it out) that uses BIND_CONN_TO_SESSION for an additional TCP connection.
(Up until now I was only aware of it being used for RDMA setups and I have no
 hardware to play with such things.)

If the VMware folk claim it does improve performance, I might get around to
it someday, although you are correct that I am working on pNFS support for the
server right now.

[stuff snipped]

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