I onw a 1TB HGST laptop drive.  This has been installed into a
Patroit[tm] brand "Gauntlet II" external USB 3.0 enclosure.

This drive has had all built-in diagnostics run on it, and it
is perfectly A-OK.  It works compltely fine with no problems
on multiple Linux systems I have here.

The motherboard on my main FreeBSD system is an ASRock N68C-GC FX,
and to that I have added one of these add-on USB 3.0 cards:


Unfortunately, the drive is not working at all with this system
or this card.  When the device is plugged into one of the USB 3.0
ports I get these messages in /var/log/messages:

May 23 22:45:04 segfault kernel: xhci_do_command: Command timeout!
May 23 22:45:04 segfault kernel: usb_alloc_device: device init 3 failed 
(USB_ERR_TIMEOUT, ignored)
May 23 22:45:04 segfault kernel: ugen2.3: <Unknown> at usbus2 (disconnected)
May 23 22:45:04 segfault kernel: uhub_reattach_port: could not allocate new 

No other messages appear in the log, and quite obviously, the drive
is utterly inaccessible to FreeBSD.

This is extraoordinarily annoying, as I spend good money to buy this
add-in USB 3.0 card in the hopes that it would solve the problems
that I previously had with FreeBSD and a different USB 3.0 card,
and now it is all useless.

Does FreeBSD support the "VIA VL800 Chipset" that this add-on card
is alleged to contain?

Does FreeBSD *ever* work with *any* USB 3.0 equipment?  Or is this
just a far off dream?

P.S.  I know that FreeBSD doesn't have nearly as many people
working on it as Linux does, but I didn't really expect it to
be quite this far behind in terms of driver support for USB 3.0.
I mean how long has USB 3.0 been out now?  Five+ years??
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