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Does FreeBSD support the "VIA VL800 Chipset" that this add-on card
is alleged to contain?

Does FreeBSD *ever* work with *any* USB 3.0 equipment?  Or is this
just a far off dream?

What version of FreeBSD are you running.


Hi Ronald,

You should checkout the kernel sources and build and install a 9-stable kernel and try first. The TIMEOUT issue during device enumeration is one of those issues which has had patches:


Have you tried -stable?

No, I have not.  I did also try 10.0-RELEASE (LiveCD) and also again
got a bunch of errors and the system refused to see the drive.... again.

I tried that (10.0-RELEASE) with multiple different motherboard and
multiple different USB 3.0 add-in PCIe controller cards.

All tests failed, all of the time, with both systems.

Can you read out the CHIP numbers for these devices?

Yes, USB 3.0 _works_ with FreeBSD.

Please can you be more specific?

What host controller chipsets are supported, exactly?

Please post the list.

Various chipsets from Intel, Nec, Renesas, TI, Asmedia are tested and supported.

And specifically, is the VIA VL800 chipset supported?

You need to read-out the exact chip number on the board. Possibly yes, after you upgrade to -stable.

I really would like to know what specific USB 3.0 hardware was properly
tested and qualified as working and fully supported *before* 10.0-RELEASE
went out the door.

See list above.

Was there any?  Or did USB 3.0 support only begin working properly post

USB 3.0 support started in 9.x. What you refer to as begin working properly, are enumeration problems. The big difference between EHCI and XHCI, is that certain commands like the initial SET address is now a high-level command, and some controllers don't provide an ACK on that message, leaving you with a TIMEOUT stalling the command queue on the host controller:


P.P.S.  Not all of use have the luxury of being able to run -STABLE.

There are some live images of more recent version of FreeBSD which you can try out there, from xxx.freebsd.org

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