On 11/18/15 20:02, Burton Sampley wrote:
To All,

A quick update:

I really have no update.  I have been attempting to get to the point where
I can test the newly built module, but I can not get my system to the point
where I can try the new module.  I was able to compile it, but when I
attempted to load the new module, I get the following error:

# /usr/bin/grep uftdi /var/log/messages
Nov 12 08:14:39 gentoo kernel: KLD uftdi.ko: depends on kernel - not
available or version mismatch

I then updated my system and source code, now the kernel will not compile.
I searched and found a few posts on one of the FreeBSD forums, which stated
the problems might be resolved by "buildworld" first, then "buildkernel",
"install kernel", reboot single-user and "installworld".  After the latest
update and reboot, "buildworld" fails.  I don't want to move on to
"buildkernel" until I can resolve the "buildworld" failure first.


You only need to build a new kernel.

make -m $PWD/share/mk kernel-toolchain -j8
make -m $PWD/share/mk buildkernel -j8


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