On 09/27/17 00:11, Tomasz CEDRO wrote:


The devd.conf rule should match more than just vendor and product:

+# Load GOBI 2000/3000 U3G QDL modem firmware on attach / boot.
+# Note: This requires additional "gobi_loader" utility to be installed,
+# as well as valid QDL driver firmware files placed in /boot/firmware/gobi.
+#   If modem does not accept valid firmware try gobi_loader -2000 switch.
+# Please adjust modem VID/PID to match your device supported by u3g module.
+#attach 100 {
+#      match "vendor" "0x04da";
+#      match "product" "0x250e";
+#      action "/usr/local/sbin/gobi_loader /dev/cuaU0 /boot/firmware/gobi/";

Else patch looks good.

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