No, there is no pf and yes it is on 10-STABLE.
Have you installed from pkg? or ports?

I wonder if we could have a binary pkg that contains the vbox kmod patch. I have no ports tree installed since I use binary packages and I would prefer not to install the ports tree to install a single port.

On 11/04/14 17:51, Jason Hellenthal wrote:
Are you building pf firewall in with that setup ? 10.X ? if so disable it and 
you’ll become quite a bit more stable.

On Nov 4, 2014, at 09:59, Nikos Vassiliadis <> wrote:

Hi people:)

I just tried to use VirtualBox on my system and I used the fastest way "pkg 
install" etc. My kernel is VIMAGE-enabled and I have had some instant reboots while 
trying to setup VirtualBox networking.

I suppose I just have to build the module for a VIMAGE kernel, right?


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