Nikos Vassiliadis wrote:

On 11/05/14 00:29, Manas Bhatnagar wrote:

Install ports tree in a temporary location (another computer or something), grab the required folder and move it to the computer that you want to install the port on and do 'make install clean' ? probably won't work like that, you would need to make sure the directories for dependencies are there too :o)

Tried to do this with a full ports tree and I stopped it after gcc
started to build.

BTW: You need /usr/src available for the creation of the package. Preferably matching the kernel you want to install it..

I do this regularly (but without VIMAGE) in a jail where I build all my packages. ("make install" and "pkg create" in a script)

I do all updates from source. I only update kernel, user land and ports when security is at risk. Usually independent from each other.

But VirtualBox is an exception. I update kernel and VirtualBox at the same time.

I was not brave enough to enable VIMAGE and VirtualBox on the same server. But I may do that soon. I plan a major reconfiguration ca. end of the year. I hope it is stable enough.

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