On 11/04/14 18:14, Allan Jude wrote:
The problem is likely that the virtualbox kernel modules needs to be
exactly in sync with your kernel. The official pkgs build against the
oldest version of the supported branch (10.0), so the module will
probably not work on 10.1. Since you are compiling a custom kernel, you
should probably build VirtualBox from source to get an exactly matched
kernel module, and see if that solves your issues.

I just tried with GENERIC and everything works. I don't know why I expected a normal module to work with a VIMAGE kernel since VIMAGE modules are erm... virtualized:)

What I really wonder now is whether I could somehow avoid having to install the ports tree for a single port. Something like, a package that contains the source of the VirtualBox module which one could build.

Or virtualbox-ose-kmod-vnet package:)

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