On 5/2/15 7:41 PM, Outback Dingo wrote:
When I drop 'console=com1' from 'xen_cmdline', I cannot even see a login
>screen. All I can see is a black screen with a white cursor. It doesn't
>respond to any input though. On the other hand, the system doesn't seem
>to be frozen, at least power button triggers an ACPI event for power
I can concur, I am seeing the same thing as the configuration you have
follwing that doc this morning.
I also have the black screen with the white cursor.....

Verify that the /etc/ttys change is made.

Try "console=com1,vga" and "com1=115200,8n1,pci" in the Xen string in loader.conf

Using an ExpressCard serial interface, I had to set the setting manually:

set comconsole_pcidev=5:0:0
set comconsole_port=0x4000
set comconsole_speed=115200

That's all I have figured out so far. Do share if you get it working.

Michael Dexter
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