El 04/05/15 a les 17.27, Roman Bogorodskiy ha escrit:
>   Roger Pau Monné wrote:
>> Another user also reported a similar problem with Xen and X, and it was
>> solved by the following patch:
>> https://people.freebsd.org/~royger/0001-xen-introduce-a-newbus-function-to-allocate-unused-m.patch
>> Could you apply it and rebuild your kernel to see if that also solves
>> your issues?
> Applied this patch on r282416, things didn't change: I do 'startx' in
> ttyv0, X prints that it loads extensions, then a black screen with a
> cursor appears and things hang.

Can you try to enable sshd and see if the system is still responding? Do
you have a serial cable on that box in order to catch any Xen messages?
If not, and the system is still reachable from ssh after running startx
can you paste the output of xl dmesg?


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