The problems are that there are several vmlinuz and several initrd.img on
the CD.  I've even mounted the cd9660 filesystem and wandered around
reading the files.  I have tried the kernel and initrd in /isolinux and in
/live ... they fail to boot with something about "/sbin/init missing" while
iniitrd is still mounted.

I gather that some set of kernel boot options is what I'm missing, but I
haven't been able to find those yet.


Try these commands with the following file contents:

The install/netinstall ISOs have grub2 as the boot loader, but strangely the live ISOs use isolinux which requires grub commands.

I've booted the 8.6 live ISO by using the following grub2 commands (after extracting them from a maze of nested isolinux cfg files):

  linux /live/vmlinuz boot=live components
  initrd /live/initrd.img

 This will drop to a login prompt, with an account/passwd of user/live



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