Bezüglich Vincent Olivier's Nachricht vom 21.03.2017 16:51 (localtime):
> Hi, I can confirm that ping works but ssh and (I haven’t tried anything else, 
> but I assume you are right) TCP as a whole doesn’t work.
> From there, I guess that, since I haven’t changed the MTU on the 1G 
> interfaces (only on the 10G ones which are isolated from the 1G network). 
> this leaves offloading.
> Should I disable it (which ones)? On all the physical interfaces or also on 
> the lagg and maybe bridge?

You seem to have the following problem:
if_bridge(4) tries to disable TXCSUM on all members added.
But you add if_lagg(4), which doesn't pass those requests to it's
members, but simply ignores the request.
So you need to manually -txcsum (-txcsum6), e.g. in rc.conf when you set
them "up".

Unofrtunately I don't know how offloading is implemented generally, nor
how it works for if_igb(4), so I haven't thought about the reason yet,
why you need to disable TXCSUM.
Much more important, does it also affect TSO?
I can't tell, maybe someone with more knowledge can jump in.


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