--- Comment #5 from Harald Schmalzbauer <> ---
(In reply to Peter Grehan from comment #4)
Peter, thanks a lot for this clarification.

I missed the e1000 diffs. I'm ready to test anything I get to compile :-)
Should be no problem for recent netmap diffs, since I'm running netmap from
-current on 11.1 (I don't have spare hw for tests with -current unfortunately).

Short off topic request/question:
Since if_vtnet(4) seems to support TSO/GSO, are there plans to provide these
for virtio-net? Haven't used vritio-net anywhere else (KVm, XEN, etc.) but I
used VMDQ on ESXi (together with vmx3f instead of if_vmx(4)) and the efficiency
is really impressive. Wish we could get at least a little closer :-)


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