Am Thu, 29 Nov 2012 12:23:44 -0800
schrieb Adrian Chadd <>:

> >  Confirmed on 9.0-RELEASE-p3. Bug still exists.
> What's the fake mac address that you're using?
> Some extra code went into the driver which allowed for multicast group
> keys to be programmed in correctly on later chips. They needed this to
> be done "right" in order to support muli-vap mode with encryption.
> This was done incorrectly in 8.x and I fixed it sometime before
> 9.0-REL was branched. -HEAD definitely has the "right" programming.
> So, what's the fake MAC address?


I am using this address:

d0:0f:d0:0f:d0:0f (german for "stupid-stupid-stupid) ;)

When I setup it on wlan0 and ath0, the stations can associate, but
cannot communicate with hostapd.

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