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schrieb Adrian Chadd <>:

> Hi,
> Yes. As I said, the whole "configure an alternate MAC" thing isn't
> very consistent and I'm sure that the whole migration to VAP
> interfaces made some of the MAC BSSID and local ethernet card address
> programming "inconsistent."


this is not good, if alternate MACs are not supported, because you also
need them to configure multiple access points in hostapd. Take a look
at the end of the hostapd.conf in examples. This definitely takes away

Like I said... the ath(4) driver is dropping/blocking/filtering the
packets somewhere in the send code. The receive part and the network
operation generally work correctly, as far as I can remember.

> If you want to take a look at whta's in the card:
> * add ATH_DIAGAPI, AH_DEBUG, ATH_DEBUG to your kernel, recompile
> * compile up src/tools/tools/ath/
> * use athregs -i athX , look at the BSS and MAC registers to see what
> address it has configured.
> I bet htose aren't "right"..

I'll take a look at it soon.

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