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schrieb Adrian Chadd <>:

> There was someone who posted on -wireless a while ago about how to
> "correctly" program different mac addresses for different VAPs. The
> whole setup path is a little un-intuitive and needs some love.
> So take a look over the -wireless archives for multi-VAP and separate
> mac addresses. :-)
> Aha. It's actually having the LSB set in the first octet. Not the MSB.
> So 0x80 is fine. 0x90 is fine. 0x09 is not.
> The hardware treats that address as special, so don't ever configure a
> MAC with that multicast bit set. Or things won't work out well.
> Adrian

When I understand you correctly, this only explains why 0x0d does not
work. It still does not explain why 0x00 and 0xd0 do not work. I also
wrote that the lowest bit needs to be "0" in my first PR (duh! it has
been too long ago!). [1]

As I said, everything was OK on FreeBSD 7.x and broke somewhere in
8.1-RELEASE. Please also notice that the problem affects ath(4) on the
driver layer (I suppose) not generally on IEEE 802.11 layer, because I
also tested with rum(4) and I could use it properly.


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