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> this is not good, if alternate MACs are not supported, because you also
> need them to configure multiple access points in hostapd. Take a look
> at the end of the hostapd.conf in examples. This definitely takes away
> features.

Alternate MACs are supported, but it likely needs a little further
debugging to figure out what is working and what is broken.

> Like I said... the ath(4) driver is dropping/blocking/filtering the
> packets somewhere in the send code. The receive part and the network
> operation generally work correctly, as far as I can remember.

The driver doesn't do anything like that. It just passes frames up.
The net80211 stack would set the MAC and the hardware TXes it. The ath
driver doesn't do any kind of TX filtering by MAC address.

>> If you want to take a look at whta's in the card:
>> * add ATH_DIAGAPI, AH_DEBUG, ATH_DEBUG to your kernel, recompile
>> * compile up src/tools/tools/ath/
>> * use athregs -i athX , look at the BSS and MAC registers to see what
>> address it has configured.
>> I bet htose aren't "right"..
> I'll take a look at it soon.

Thanks, that'll be very helpful.

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