.. so now I have 11n IBSS working, but the performance is pretty
shocking. I bet there's some timers that are just not programmed
I see massive numbers of long retries and CRC errors.

In any case, there are a few odd things out:

* ieee80211_ies_expand() doesn't parse HTINFO, only HTCAP. I don't
know why - Bernhard, any ideas?
* Taught ieee80211_sta_join() about the HT setup, so it sets up HT
information based on the probe response.
 *  The problem here is that the STA code sets up the HT information
based on the association response, rather than the probe response; but
there's no association request/response with IBSS. So if you don't
capture it during probe response, you're short of luck;
 * .. and when doing an initial scan, the probe response goes to the
scan module; it doesn't make it through to the normal probe response
code that follows and thus it can't possibly be used to upgrade
* Then some ancillary stuff - mostly processing beacon frames from
peers and handling HT IE changes correctly.

So with this, I have what looks like a working 802.11n IBSS - at least
there are MCS rates negotiated on both sides. I don't like it one bit
though; I'd like to sit down with Bernhard and anyone else who knows
net80211 well enough to see whether things are "right".

But.. it seems quite plausible to make work now. I don't think I have
the time / brain cycles to debug some of the more stranger behaviour
(and I can't ignore that the driver/HAL is missing a whole heap of 11n
chipset IBSS fixes, let along the IBSS  data path needing some TX and
RX AMPDU fixes) but I'll definitely see if I can just get the basics
up and running.


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