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> Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2012 01:19:51 -0800
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> Subject: Re: 11n in adhoc mode
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> .. so now I have 11n IBSS working, but the performance is pretty
> shocking. I bet there's some timers that are just not programmed
> correctly.
> I see massive numbers of long retries and CRC errors.

Are protection modes set correctly on both ends? This happens when
each end uses different prot mode.

> * Then some ancillary stuff - mostly processing beacon frames from
> peers and handling HT IE changes correctly.

Because this is an adhoc mode issue, this may not apply. But, this is
what I have been seeing. Yet another ancillary stuff.

Currently, protection mode is updated though ieee80211_htprot_update()
(finally iv_update_beacon() is called), and it is called only in
hostap mode.

When occupancy changes, an ap updates beacon and tells driver to
updated the prot mode.

Even though, other ends receives updated beacon, ieee80211 stack
doesn't tell driver to update the mode (other than in ap mode). As the
result, those nics run on different prot modes.

When operating with mismatched mode, retry and crc error counts skyrocket.

I think we need to add ic_update_prot().

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