So doing this testing as a station doing the UDP transmitting (to a
FreeBSD AP) is showing some interesting behaviour. No, i don't think
it's your bug.

The key re-negotiation seems to be failing somewhere; I bet it's out
of sequence or out of order crypto frames. I've seen this happen
before but I only fixed it for the AP case (by overriding the QOS for
said frames so it appeared in a different TID, thus different sequence
number space.) Since it's reauthing, it's transitioning the node
through disassociate / re-auth / re-associate, but the current code in
-HEAD isn't resetting the local state (aggregation, BAR state,
filtered frames state, etc.) So things can and do go weird.

I'll do some further digging into this and see if I can resolve it. I
thought I had fixed it but .. well, obviously not. Once I have
resolved this rekey / disconnect issue I'll keep testing things out
and see if I've fixed your issue.

(And I'll do some testing in parallel in open mode, so I don't bite this bug.)

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