Hello, Adrian.
You wrote 28 мая 2013 г., 2:15:28:

AC> And as always, please keep retesting whenever you csn.
 I'm trying to test every bunch of changes in ath (I do daily "svn up"
and watch for changes in ath*), but no more often than 1 per day, and
sometimes don't spent my time at computer on weekends, especially in
Summer :)
 So, of course, I'll test all future changes. You do great and very
hard work for long time, and these tests is my little contribution to
you and your very valuable work!

AC> Now, we should try to get even more users onboard!
  If (oh, that "if") I be able to start my own business, I'll start to
 order semi-custom made Atheros platforms from China and sell them as
 SOHO routers / APs with FreeBSD-based totally open FreeBSD-based
 firmware :) And, of course, I'll become bankrupt shortly due to bad
 advertisement and marketing, when market is devided between D-Link,
 ZyXel, TP-Link, NetGear, Linksys and others :) Yes, I'm pessimist (I
 prefer think about myself as "realist", though).

// Black Lion AKA Lev Serebryakov <l...@freebsd.org>

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