Hello everyone,

I'm doing my first FreeBSD install (10.0) on an old laptop with an Intel 3945 interface. During the install I already noticed strange behaviour since the installer gave me a "DHCP lease failed". The second time it passed. FWIW, I installed with root on ZFS and the laptop has 1GB of internal memory.

When I then rebooted I noticed my wireless did not connect to the SSID via wpa authentication. My wifi kept on scanning on other ssid's except the one I wanted.

After reading quite some man pages, I finally have my laptop set up as follows :
/etc/rc.conf :
ifconfig_wlan0 =" ssid myssid"
ifconfig_wlan0 ="mode 11g"
ifconfig_wlan0 ="-bgscan"
ifconfig_wlan0 = "WPA DHCP"

and my /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf showed :

When I boot, my wifi connects correct the first time but after a minute or so, I loose connection again. What is strange, is that ifconfig still tells me that wlan0 is associated ot the correct ssid ...

I also regularly get the message : 'dhclient[1005] : send_packet : No buffer space available" (and "wpi0 : need mulitcast update callback" but I know this one can't hurt)

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