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Adrian Chadd wrote:
> Give me a few days to get stuff together here and I'll see what I can
> do in -head.
> Thanks for all your offers of support.
> adrian

Hi everyone,

I received an email from a contact @ Amazon AWS yesterday asking about
the status of the FreeBSD Xen project.  He and I connected earlier this
year after a short exchange on Twitter and some emails about getting
FreeBSD AMIs running on Amazon EC2.

I told him that there was a thread on the freebsd-xen mailing list in
August.  My understanding is that the primary blocker is funding for the
developers who have the skills required to bring the Xen support up to
production quality.  I also figured that it might take even more time to
then port to the version of Xen used by Amazon.

I hope to hear back from him soon with his thoughts.  Obviously, it
would be extremely helpful if Amazon funded the development, presuming
there would be a long-term financial gain for them.  If anyone has any
feedback that I should relay to him, let me know.

I also asked him if he wanted contact information for the FreeBSD/Xen
developers and other folks who are involved in the project at a high
level.  I'll post back here if he does.

Best regards,
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Greg Larkin

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