2009/8/21 Florian Heigl <florian.he...@gmail.com>:

> I'll scratch up $150 (or the same in hardware), so if a few more people and
> 1-2 companies chime in it might be enough to make:
> NO new features, just fix it and properly merge it into the amd64 and i386
> archs.

I'd like to see things get going for Xen as well and could probably
gather some money from myself and other users and companies I know
about locally (probably up to $500), but probably only if dom0 will be
included, as I'm not particularly interested in domU. OTOH, domU is
better than nothing...

If the Xen-savvy developers get interested, I could also donate time
and probably resources to create a coordinating web site.

Everyone should keep in mind two things:
1) It's doubtful that there will be as many interested people that
would donate to accumulate more than about $1000-2000, I think, which
isn't much for the complexity of the work. There should really be some
businesses interested simply because they can probably invest more

2) Individual monetary contributions cannot be by default handled by
some proxy person (without much legal footwork); they will need to go
directly from the source to the developer. Probably the best idea
would be for the developers to set individual Paypal accounts. (for
example: one person, or the Foundation, cannot gather money for such a
project and then transfer it in bulk to developers).
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