Hi everyone !

I'm trying to find out if anyone succeeded to run FreeBSD on EC2. Well to be 
honest,  I'm trying to run FreeBSD on EC2 myself, but since I haven't found any 
way to do this... ;-)

- I just saw 2 netbst images on EC2 named 
fbsdtest/netbsd-image-5.0.2-i386.manifest.xml and 

Those are both public images. I haven't tried them yet but if someone 
managed to run netbst I think we're quiet close to have some fun on 
FreeBSD now.

There seems to have more and more  notifiable attempts and we seem closer to 
the target :
here an article of a (failed) attempt with FreeBSD (at the end of the article)

If anyone has more informations on the subject, could you please update this 
list so we stay updated on the matter ?

Thanks !

My dojo & zend framework experience, the good, the bad with code samples ;-)


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