If it's full PV is it 32 bit only? Last time I've checked amd64 was only hvm with PV drivers.

Are there any 32bit images (tar.gz) to start with? We run Xen 3.4.3 on our servers and I'd give it a try also. We have Opteron and Xeon processors as well on the hosts.


Colin Percival wrote:
On 12/14/10 04:04, Luke Marsden wrote:
This is clearly an enormous milestone on the road to a stable FreeBSD 8
AMI which I hope will eventually work in amd64 mode on the large EC2
instances :-)

I hope so too. :-)

Is this working with PV net and disk drivers? Presumably to run on EC2
at all (notwithstanding their expensive cluster compute nodes which are
meant for HPC and which do run HVM) it must be in fully PV mode.

This is fully PV, yes.

We at Hybrid Logic are very happy to provide testing, assistance and any
resources we can muster to help you in this effort.

Probably the biggest thing you can do to help right now is to spin up a bunch
of instances, throw some load at them, and see if you can get them to panic. :-)

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