Today I started with an upgrade process of my VPS which has been running 9.0 
XENHVM almost a full year. I followed the process as outlined on the 
Handbook[1]. I may have made a mistake in placing back the right old kernel, 
but a new GENERIC kernel did not get installed.

I was able to boot into the 9.1 system using my old 9.0 XENHVM kernel. I have 
been trying to fix this, but I keep running into problems:

- I manually downloaded and extracted the 9.1 GENERIC kernel. Booting from that 
results in a rootmount mismatch (ada0 vs ad0). Just renaming it in /etc/fstab 
does not seem to be enough, what else would I need to do?

- I manually built a new 9.1 XENHVM kernel. Booting from that results in the 
message: "pudna: fpcurthread == curthread xx times" scrolling by. What can I do 
to fix that?

Is there a problem in continuing to run the 9.0 XENHVM kernel with the 9.1 

Thanks for any help,

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