I had written....
>It'd behoove freebsd to see why there is an issue (where there is none with 
>Windows or Linux Guests).

One thing I should clarify... in a Xenserver environment with iSCSI backed SR's 
and (mostly) Freebsd guests... In our setup we specifically set up iSCSI to be 
the link to the Xenserver Hypervisor pool's SR's. We do NOT have any of the 
guest OS's talking iSCSI. So long story short, freebsd will never see iSCSI in 
this case - only the pool of hypervisors does.

Again, I'd wager this is the most common type of setup for 

Long story short, if for some reason the iSCSI connection is interrupted 
(someone trips over a cable, or the san crashes and reboots, etc.)... the 
windows and linux guests recover just fine. FreeBSD on the other hand, will 
generally still have the OS disk but any additional disks are unreadable. Thus, 
I'd suspect it has something to do with how freebsd handles disk I/O in a 
Xenserver environment (and has nothing to do with iscsi inside FreeBSD).


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